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  1. Bad Data Error and How can I change the language code in Spore Before you change the config, make a backup of it

    Navigate under-> Users/YourUserName/Library/Preferences/SPORE Preferences/

    Right click ”Config” and Open with TextEdit -> Scroll down and keep an eye under following line

    Type now the following countries code in the same line. Save it

    The Languages support Spore.
    cz-cz: Czech
    da-dk: Danish
    de-de: German
    el-gr: Greek
    en-gb: British
    en-us: American English
    es-es: Spanish
    fi-fi: Finnish
    fr-fr: French
    hu-hu: Hungarian
    it-it: Italian
    nl-nl: Dutch
    no-no: Norwegian
    pl-pl: Polish
    pt-br: Brazilian
    pt-pt: Portuguese
    ru-ru: Russian
    sv-se: Swedish

  2. Spore on Mac won’t start

    Spore on Mac and its DLC is only available as a digital download
    This can lead to small start-up issue

    Using these settings, the game should work without problems

    1. Open Origin, navigate to settings in Origin

    2. Take at look at my pictures, these settings are extremely important for Spore and other EA games on Mac which are played through Origin

    Note again: Spore does not run on virtual machines that simulate a Mac platform

    Can’t download Spore Creepy & Cute on Mac

    Read the secret why this does not work

  3. Spore wont start

    Change the Backbuffer in Spore

    Navigate under ▶ ️ Library / Preferences / SPORE Preferences / config with the text editor open the file and change the backbuffer


    Navigate under Programs, right-click on App ”Show package contents”. Now navigate to the folder Contents ▶ ️ MacOS and start the game via one of the cider exce


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