1. Okay Guys we found a small solution, how you can recognize your opponent in Battlefield 1.
  2. Please open your Nvidia Panel and  Settings and optimize the color. I put an arrow, see picture
  3. We choose 80 and 89% = Result. You get a pink / green picture with pink icon
    This color adjustment also simulates the game. Please note that you select your color filter into the game as well
  4. Other Settings: And this got the most votes from you
  5. 8% Digital Adjust,  22% Color = Result -> You get a beautiful silver, black, white, color. Opponents are marked red and you see your target
  6. Choose in the game following filter Tritanopie

I hope this will help you. Let us know how it works. 🙂


Raising awareness of games accessible for disabled gamers (Colorblindness and much more)

3 Replies to “Colorblindness Mode for Battlefield 1

  1. Play the setting metallic, like you Liz she is awesome👍 Thanks for working out 💞

  2. 👍 Gute Arbeit Liz! Könnte man diesen Guide auf die Sims anwenden, würde das auch gehen? Frage mich gerade , weil Anne vor kurzem danach gefragt hat?

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