How can I play Battlefield 1 via remote from Mac to PC! Here’s my solution

Yes is it possible, but not directly on Mac. You need a remote control tool that connects to the PC. One of the most famous is Teamviewer. For some days ago get my Teamviewer a big problem, he didn’t let me control my soldiers or vehicles, I could still look left and right. I changed the firewall port, I changed so much, but nothing helped.

Today my husband came up with a very different idea, he works in IT area. Why don’t you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac? It does 1 to 1 of all your mouse and keyboard settings, even those of the Mac to PC

Ok I installed the program and what can I say. I had a brilliant resolution and graphics, I can control my soldiers and vehicles again.

Therefore, my best recommendation installs from the AppStore the Microsoft Remote Dektop. He also supports the trackpad, which Teamviewer cannot handle after the last update!

If you have written your access data into the tool. Close the remote tool once completely, all data will be automatically saved

Important: The tool works best if you have connected your Mac via Lan

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