Dive up into the world of Fe and join the mythical creature in his adventures

The adventure begins. Fe has moved onto my machine and I have to say, I am quite taken with this game. As I write these lines, I already miss the epic music and the little mythical creature. Let’s start, so I can play again soon. Note, this little review and guide contains some spoilers.

After I installed Fe, I went through everything in the main menu. Graphics settings, there I chose window mode, then I looked at the control options etc.

I start with the game via remote session from Macbook Pro with High Sierra to our gaming PC Windows 10. Now came the salt in my soup, is it possible to control Fe I over my macbook with trackpad or I really must to go down to the basement to play the game.

After I left the menu, the game loaded very fast. Fe and I became a unit in few minutes. Fe can be controlled very well, while I looked around I discovered a deer on a hill. This deer I followed to a clearing, where I discovered a funny flower with an eye.
When Fe was here, I had to let Fe and the flower communicate together.

Follow the instructions into game, who plays on Mac uses the right side of the trackpad and drive with the finger quite discreetly up and down (very small movement).

Fe starts with singing, the flower sings aswell. Now you have to sing until the vocal cone of Fe and flower in the middle unite. Well that sounds difficult, but it is not.

In a few seconds I made the flower to my girlfriend, in the background other flowers open on which you can jump. Run with Fe on the opened petals and jump

I jump from leaf to leaf until I’m on top of the rock. Unfortunately I lost sight of the deer at this time. I go deeper and deeper into the forest until I suddenly move a shadow in front of me. The deer is back, I follow him. In a clearing we sing together like the flower until we are friends.

From now on I have another buddy. The deer carry Fe, it lets you ride on its back. This is of course optimal if you have to jump on higher objects.

While my new friend accompanies me, we discover many beautiful secrets in the forest of which we do not want to reveal too much. Every animal we meet , get a friendf. In no time at all I have discovered a lot of wildlife and come to a mysterious glade where a crystal stands.

You have to collect this crystal, because this crystal also lets you discover a new world.

My summary in a short time: The game captivates you with its stunning gameplay. It feels like being in an enchanted forest that you do not want to leave. The music is very sweet and reassuring.

Zink and EAOriginals has released aamazing game with Fe. The game is suitable for the whole family.

In the upcoming hours, I will continue to accompany you through the gameplay and give tips here and there.
If you have problems with the game, feel free to visit EA AHQ, where you can find me

In these sense, wishing a lot fun with Fe and thanks to Zoink games for a brilliant game.