SimCity BuildIt FAQ: New Regions, New Maps

This is Simcity BuildIt, this is an epic update which EA / Maxis shipped out. Finally they are here, more land through new regions, like from the legendary SimCity series

Each region has different products in its range
These products can also be used outside the region in your capital to build houses. These products can also sell in the trade market

There are three regions and maps available

  1. Green Valley ➡️ Recyled Fabric ➡️ Reusable Bag, Ecologial shoes,Yoga Mat
  2. Limestone Cliffs ➡️ Street Food ➡️ Sushi, Japanese clothing (kimonos), Uchiwa
  3. Cactus Canyon ➡️ Gas Station  ➡️  Car Products ➡️ Wheels, Gas, Engine

Can the cities trade with each other?
You can also sell your products from the chosen region

Can the new regions be destroyed during the War club!
No is not possible

Can the regions be expanded?
Yes, use the usual land extension objects

From which level can I unlock the regions
For access to the difference maps and regions you need lvl 25

Can I visit others in their new regions!
No, this is not possible,

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