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  1. och det är uppdateringshistorik 10.2.2

    • A brand new Connection Center that supports drag and drop, manual arrangement of desktops, resizable columns in list view mode, column-based sorting, and simpler group management.
    • The Connection Center now remembers the last active pivot (Desktops or Feeds) when closing the app.
    • The credential prompting UI and flows have been overhauled.
    • RD Gateway feedback is now part of the connecting status UI.
    • Settings import from the version 8 client has been improved.
    • RDP files pointing to RemoteApp endpoints can now be imported into the Connection Center.
    • Retina display optimizations for single monitor Remote Desktop scenarios.
    • Support for specifying the graphics interpolation level (which affects blurriness) when not using Retina optimizations.
    • 256-color support to enable connectivity to Windows 2000.
    • Fixed clipping of the right and bottom edges of the screen when connecting to Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and earlier.
    • Copying a local file into Outlook (running in a remote session) now adds the file as an attachment.
    • Fixed an issue that was slowing down pasteboard-based file transfers if the files originated from a network share.
    • Addressed a bug that was causing to Excel (running in a remote session) to hang when saving to a file on a redirected folder.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing no free space to be reported for redirected folders.
    • Fixed a bug that caused thumbnails to consume too much disk storage on macOS 10.14.
    • Added support for enforcing RD Gateway device redirection policies.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented session windows from closing when disconnecting from a connection using RD Gateway.
    • If Network Level Authentication (NLA) is not enforced by the server, you will now be routed to the login screen if your password has expired.
    • Fixed performance issues that surfaced when lots of data was being transferred over the network.
    • Smart card redirection fixes.
    • Support for all possible values of the ”EnableCredSspSupport” and ”Authentication Level” RDP file settings if the ClientSettings.EnforceCredSSPSupport user default key (in the com.microsoft.rdc.macos domain) is set to 0.
    • Support for the ”Prompt for Credentials on Client” RDP file setting when NLA is not negotiated.
    • Support for smart card-based login via smart card redirection at the Winlogon prompt when NLA is not negotiated.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented downloading feed resources that have spaces in the URL.


  2. Uppdateringshistorik: 10.2.3

    • Added support for the ”remoteapplicationcmdline” RDP file setting for remote app scenarios.
    • The title of the session window now includes the name of the RDP file (and server name) when launched from an RDP file.
    • Fixed reported RD gateway performance issues.
    • Fixed reported RD gateway crashes.
    • Fixed issues where the connection would hang when connecting through an RD gateway.
    • Better handling of full-screen remote apps by intelligently hiding the menu bar and dock.
    • Fixed scenarios where remote apps remained hidden after being launched.
    • Addressed slow rendering updates when using ”Fit to Window” with hardware acceleration disabled.
    • Handled database creation errors caused by incorrect permissions when the client starts up.
    • Fixed an issue where the client was consistently crashing at launch and not starting for some users.
    • Fixed a scenario where connections were incorrectly imported as full-screen from Remote Desktop 8.

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