The Sims Freeplay: Lyxlivuppdatering

Skäm bort dina simmar med den senaste uppdatering till The Sims Freeplay

● Snow Problem Season Quest: 13-day optional event starting September 2
● HANS On! Seasonal Quest: 7-day event starting September 12
● Sleepwear Hobby (Event Re-run): 7-day event starting September 16
● Chocolatier Carnival Hobby Event (Re-run): 10-day event starting September 23
● Long Hair Hobby Event (Re-run ← As seen in Wedding Belles Update): 10-day event starting September 27

**Plus, unlock the ultimate dishwasher, which will radically change the way your Sims clean their homes.**

PVZ 2 Uppdatering: Det är skördetid

Hey, botanical battlers! It’s harvest time – get ready for a heap o’ fall features, like:

•Buffz & Bruisez that allow specific plant families to be stronger, weaker, or ineffective against zombies
•Battlez Practice Quest, an all-new preview and testing ground for Battlez Tournaments
•Sneaky new zombie countermeasures that pop up when you least expect
•Fresh Power Mints to boost your plants
•More dazzling Piñata Parties, Epic Quests, and Tournaments