Space Marshals 2: AVA MISSION PACK going online

Pixelbite is proud to announce that the Ava Mission Pack ($2.99) has just been released for Space Marshals 2! It is available on the AppStore (iOS and Apple TV) and Google Play (open beta). Read more at Pixelbite

SNEAK-Peak: Upcoming new Storyline to Space Marshals 2

SNEAK-Peak: Upcoming new Storyline to Space Marshals 2

We’re starting the weekend with epic news from Pixelbite. Soon, there will be a new storyline called Ava Storyline. New will also be that you this Storyline doesn’t get through an UPDATE, you must buy it for $2.99 the DLC. The Storyline offers 10 new missions and new functionality and much more.

Reckless Getaway 2 released by Pixelbite

HELSINGBORG 2017-05-25

Pixelbite launches Reckless Getaway 2TM

Helsingborg, Sweden – The Pixelbite game studio is excited to announce the release of Reckless Getaway 2TM on the App Store and the Google Play store.

Pixelbite presents the sequel, Reckless Getaway 2TM as a free-to-play title, after great success with the Reckless series. The scenario, as with the successor, is the classic “escape the police and wreak havoc” but with much improved playability thanks to the introduction of a free- roaming world with optional side missions and challenges.


  1. –  Free-roaming levels
  2. –  Loads of epic cars to unlock
  3. –  Simple controls
  4. –  Classic movie style car chase audio
  5. –  Pretty awesome graphics and physics
  6. –  Gamepad controller supportABOUT PIXELBITEThe Pixelbite studio develops and distributes games over a variety of digital channels, where the ambition is to offer console quality game experiences tailored for handheld devices. To stay competitive and to instill a unique touch and feel in their games they also develop their own in-house multiplatform engine. The Pixelbite studio was established 2009 in Helsingborg, Sweden and has since then released 13 titles across multiple platforms, for example XenowerkTM, Space MarshalsTM and Reckless RacingTM.



Pixelbite: Reckless Getaway 2 as free to play title out now