Alien Bommel logbog 2000 -2010

Historie om Alien Bommel / history about Alien Bommel
2002th-2004: In the year 2004th we start with our website “Alien Bommel”. Mine Alien website at moved from my private domain “Andersson” on its own server > Alien Bommel. Mine Sims history begun in America, before I landed in Germany, later time in Denmark. Bommel has 2 servers & 2 big archives, which we can used anytime

Præsentation af Spore med godfather Will Wright. Presentation of Spore with godfather Will Wright & Maxis

Jena by Maxis and I play a bit with Spore. It was an unforgettable day with a great creative team

GC 2006th: in Leipzig /Tyskland/Germany: Will Wright shows the first insight of Spore
2007th Polarbit & Pixelbite : The Swedish Publisher Polarbit & the Swedish Devs from Pixelbite are now firmly on our side.

In the future, we’re publish news about this great team of developers
GC 2008th: in Leipzig /Tyskland/Germany: HandsOn to Spore
GC 2008th: Hands On – MySims Kingdom SimAnimals for Wi and NDS
GamesCom/Cologne 2009 ; EA Community Lounge MySims, SimAnimals Afrika
2008th Hello Kitty & My Baby Boy & Girl project & support with EA – videoplayerlist youtube

2010th: Bommel gets a second own server / Bommel får to egen server
4-4-2010th Bommel’s new friends The Danish Developer from Tactile Entertainment.

Præsentation af SimCity Societies med Dan fra Maxis
Dan from Maxis and I play with Maxis SimCity Societies. We had so much fun on these day, because we eliminated the crime in our own way.

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  1. Alien Bommel’s logbog 2011

    2011th: We received an inv from Maxis for the Darkspore event. Først gang for os en fedt premiere. Vores spillere fra Skandinavien skriver en liste med spørgsmål om Darkspore. Dette besvared udvikler hold Maxis
    Bommel celebrates 7th anniversary: In the year 2004th we start with our website “Alien Bommel”. Overnight grew up the fan community around Bommel. Whether young or old folks, everyone loves the most charming Alien from the space. Meanwhile is Bommel one of the most successful Alien website worldwide.

    September 2011th : Invation fra EA Danmark til The Sims 3 Kæledyr event
    Dezember 2011th: Vores Simsspiller og veninde “Wendy” mistet deres kæmpe mod kræft hjernen – hun døde. Af denne grund stopper vi vores projekter “Sommerhus Kattegat der har deltaget. Wendy lost her fight against cancer. We not only lost a wonderful Sims player, but they was a wonderful girlfriend. We stopped for this reason our project Sommerhus Kattegat

    Shutdown of Darkspore Server 1 march 2016

    It was a great time, we will never forget and carry the memories in our hearts

    Updated 1. march 2016

  2. Alien Bommel’s logbog 2012

    Januar 2012th: Invitation fra EA Danmark til EA Sverige “Stockholm” event http://www.ea.com/dk
    February 2012th: Friendship and link to the developers of PixelFoundry / EA Tiburon veterans Jerry & Volga with BlackSpace.
    May 2012th: Friendship with the well-known friend “Yann ” and his own Company ‘Publisher Chilibite”

    10. sep. 2012 Partnership and Cooperation with Red Bull Media Sweden . Ours community promote and support ”Urban Fotbol” via iOS

    September 2012 Inv from Electronic Arts Denmark / Sweden to Play with Life event for Simcity arrived Alien Bommel

  3. Alien Bommel’s logbog 2014

    Vi dykker ned og gå med Jellygrade i alpha test af Tethys til iPad
    We dive down and go with Jellygrade in the Alpha test of Tethys on iPad

    Jellygrade halted the development of current game


    Yann Co-founder from Chilibite startet a new company “Chilikids”. He focusing his eyes on kids games

    December 31/12/2014 The year 2014 has gone by so fast. We want to say Thank You to all of our loyal readers. Even if we belong to the older generation and we have other priorities. It’s our passion, that we intend to continue reporting on gaming.

  4. Alien Bommel logbog 2013

    January 2013th: Countdown Bommel rumskibet er klar til store ting. SimCity Closed Beta. Bommel’s mothership are ready for big things. SimCity Beta. We’re really proud, we got a inv from EA Stockholm. Maxis/EA: SimCity Immersion day event! ttp://www.ea.com/se’
    February 2013th We received an invitation from Kip from Maxis for the Dev Beta. Until shortly before the release we played SC. We’re say great thanks to the whole Maxis Team.

    April 2013th: The year 2013th is one of the most beautiful for Liz + Alien Bommel Community. This year celebrating A. Bommel their 10th ‘Diamond Anniversary’
    Liz Medical side “Rheumatology” is celebrating its 15th Anniversary.
    We say Thank YOU for visiting us, THANK YOU for YOUR loyal readership
    July 2013th Jellygrade is from now on in our highscore & friendlist with their games. The legendary AAA Developers of Maxis, Ocean, Dan, Andrew..

    December 31, 2013
    Året går langsomt end. Vi ønsker at skrive en stor ‘takker’til alle vore trofaste læsere og venner af Alien Bommel, alle udviklere teamet, der sætter pris os og vores arbejde.

    Vi ser frem til 2014 med jer derude.
    Dine Liz

  5. Alien Bommel logbog 2015

    2/1/2015: Like every year, we open our Logbog. With a refresh I want to start. In the future, you can see all the news in overview.
    2/2/2015: Howdy all out there. After a couple of weeks of planning, we are happy to announce the relaunch of our new website Alien Bommel

    2015-03-05: We’re sorry to hear that, there is no consoling words. We say thanks to Maxis for a wonderful time. EA closed the studio of one the best teams ever. The staff at Maxis in Emeryville lost their job, over and out with SimCity. With this studio also dies a part of us. We felt very connected to these developers and we were grown up with their games
    2015-01-30– We write a review about the educational game of Chili Kids. Learn to know the magic underwater world by Chili Fish
    2015-06-18 Another honor for us. We submit the review to Xenowerk. Developer Studio are our Swedish friends of Pixelbite
    2015-08-18 We say thanks to EA Germany for the wonderful invation to Gamescom
    2015-09-25 Lucy Bradshaw leave EA

    2015-12-06 Das Jahr vergeht. Wir wollen ein großes ”Danke” an alle unsere treuen Leser und Freunde von Alien Bommel sagen, sowie alle Entwickler-Teams , die uns und unsere Arbeit zu schätzen Wissen.

    Year goes by . We want to write a great ”THANKS” to all our loyal readers and friends of Alien Bommel, all developers team who appreciate us and our work.

    Året går langsomt end. Vi ønsker at skrive en stor ‘takker’til alle vore trofaste læsere og venner af Alien Bommel, alle udviklere teamet, der sætter pris os og vores arbejde.
    Updated 06/12/2015

  6. Alien Bommel logbog 2016

    27.01.2016: Playing in the Alpha Beta ”Atomic Space Command”
    Video –> https://youtu.be/gKptgxNPHkY

    19.02.2016 Alien Bommel from Outer Space celebrates its 14th anniversary. Over the years Bommel has expanded. We are working with 2 servers, we have more than 10,000 hits on day. 1467 members in Non Public Forum etc. These are the things that make me & Bommel damn it pride. Bommel says ”Thanks” to all their fans, especially the people in the background. (Mike & Skyscraper)

    20.02.2016 We are excited to announce that we continue with Beta ”Atomic Space

    1 September 2016 pixelbite with SpaceMarshals 2 We are beam up in the adventure of Space Marshals 2 and write the review. Thanks to Pixelbite for a great year with you

    06 December 2016

    The year goes by so slowly and we say thanks for the beautiful moments with you all of you. We really appreciate all your kind feedback here.

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

    See you next year ?

  7. Alien Bommel logbog 2017

    1. 01/01/2017 Add a new link for Gamers with a disability. You are looking for the right computer accessories, then check out and learn more
    2. 10/2/2017: I’m proud, get a new Hero Anniversary Badges by EA AHQ
    3. 11.11.2016 Now on way at EA AHQ Sweden
    4. I don’t work for EA – I’m just only a player who giving helping hands.
      Jeg er ikke ansat hos EA, jeg er en gammel spilveteran, som giver hjælpende hænder til dig. Ich bin nur ein Spieler der anderen hilft und kein EA Mitarbeiter. Cheers/Vh/Gruß Liz
    5. Year goes by . We want to write a great „THANKS“ to all our loyal readers and friends of Alien Bommel, all developers team who appreciate us and our work.

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