Alien Bommel logbog 2000 -2010

Historie om Alien Bommel / history about Alien Bommel
2002th-2004: In the year 2004th we start with our website “Alien Bommel”. Mine Alien website at moved from my private domain “Andersson” on its own server > Alien Bommel. Mine Sims history begun in America, before I landed in Germany, later time in Denmark. Bommel has 2 servers & 2 big archives, which we can used anytime

Præsentation af Spore med godfather Will Wright. Presentation of Spore with godfather Will Wright & Maxis

Jena by Maxis and I play a bit with Spore. It was an unforgettable day with a great creative team

GC 2006th: in Leipzig /Tyskland/Germany: Will Wright shows the first insight of Spore
2007th Polarbit & Pixelbite : The Swedish Publisher Polarbit & the Swedish Devs from Pixelbite are now firmly on our side.

In the future, we’re publish news about this great team of developers
GC 2008th: in Leipzig /Tyskland/Germany: HandsOn to Spore
GC 2008th: Hands On – MySims Kingdom SimAnimals for Wi and NDS
GamesCom/Cologne 2009 ; EA Community Lounge MySims, SimAnimals Afrika
2008th Hello Kitty & My Baby Boy & Girl project & support with EA – videoplayerlist youtube

2010th: Bommel gets a second own server / Bommel får to egen server
4-4-2010th Bommel’s new friends The Danish Developer from Tactile Entertainment.

Præsentation af SimCity Societies med Dan fra Maxis
Dan from Maxis and I play with Maxis SimCity Societies. We had so much fun on these day, because we eliminated the crime in our own way.

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