TSTO: Dump -Monorail Guide

Update 17/09/2016 Finish. ? See the details below.. ?


Mission completed. The superheroes have reached their goal. The city has been cleaned of gangsters, Zwicky was defeated. But the Springfield would not Springfield, if not the next action were already planned. Olympics is coming, Homer will participate as the Summer Games! Anyway, he cleans the city with the rest of Springfield.

How to clean correct the city!

First you need to build the Railyard Store. In this you can later exchange your trash against blueprints



Unlock new buildings, you need first dump module. Gather enough until your capacity enough, keep an eye right corner above the red number


As long as the dump storage is full, will be the button grayed out

Make sure what needs to be collected. I currently still have to collect metal. Then I can trade again in the Railyard


In the overview in the ”RailYard” you can see which buildings still need to be unlocked. Press the icon with the trophy Button


German Post->

Macht Springfield sauber!

First published: : 28. Jul 2016