Spore IceCream Challenge on EA AHQ

Hey Spore Fans

I invite you and join in the ice cream challenge.
Build a delicious ice cream in Spore, it may also be a cocktail with ice or create a delicious ice cream adventure. I’m curious to watch it.

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How to install Spore Custom Content in Spore

  • Download the .png files onto your computer
  • Launch Spore
  • Go into your Sporepedia
  • Minimize Spore so that you can see your desktop . Use on Mac command and return button
  • Navigate to your saved .png files on desktop
  • Via dragging add the file into to Sporepedia

Method #2

  • Add select content manually
  • Download the .png files to your computer
  • Navigate afterwards to Documents/Spore Creations and select the correct folder
  • Add the .png files into your in follwoing folders
  • Creatures in Creatures folder
  • Buildings in Building Folder, Adventues in Adventures Folder
    Vehicles in Vehicles Folder