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Hi Spore Fans

Liz has been a Spore fan since the beginning of Spore 2007. She knows the game inside out.

She is the only fan site that continues to provide her content for free and shares her knowledge. Alien Bommel is also a verified Spore Fansite through Maxis Studio in Emeryville which closed a few years ago

Visit Alien Bommel on Youtube

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Spore FAQ for Mac and some solutions

Spore Server in MAINTENANCE March 17 through March 19, 2017th

Spore will be offline for maintenance March 17 through March 19. Starting March 20, you can download an updated version of the Spore client.


We’re running maintenance on Spore from 2:00 p.m. PT on March 17, 2017 until March 19, 2017. The servers will be back online on March 20, 2017.

Please read the instructions and posts


Game won’t launch on Origin

This applies particularly to older games which aren’t support to high resolutions and current graphics cards as in this case Spore. Spore for example runs on my current macOs Sierra without problems. You only have to make some changes. These settings can be applied to any game.

Let’s start friends ”how to launch a game in windowed mode”

  1. Open Origin
  2. Go to Origin in your library, click on the game cover, you see a gearwheel (Settings) , keep an eye on my pic
  3. Navigate to Game Properties
  4. Navigate to  ”Advanced launch options”.
  5. Use the command line and type -w
  6. Say save
  7. Afterwards launch the game
  8.  Go under the options and set the final graphics, including window mode
  9. Say ok and close the game
  10. Go to the Origin option and delete the -w
  11. Start the game again


Bereit für ein winterliches Abenteuer in Spore Galaktisches Abenteuer

Wenn ihr auf der Suche seit nach neuen Spore Kreationen für ein Winterliches Abenteuer. Ich hätte hier eine kleine Auswahl die ich vor kurzem erstellt habe, Schneemann ist ein Flugobjekt, genauso wie Kerze auf Schlitten

Ältere Kreationen zum Thema Winter

Skiddo med Nisser – Nisser der Weihnachtsgnom aus Dänemark auf einem Rennschlitten

Weihnachtsbaum und Weihnachtsgrippe

Weihnachts Ufo und Kerze

Rudolph das Rentier und und Schneemann, dazu das leckere Lebkuchen Haus

Mit Rechtsklick könnt ihr euch die png Dateien in den diversen Unterordner abspeichern unter c:\\ Dokuments\Meine Spore Kreationen.