The Sims 4 Download: Nordkoster-Våttnet-Park (EA AHQ Sweden Park Challenge )

Created for the latest The Sims 4 Challenge “Parkbyggare utmaning by EA_Atic and EA AHQ Sweden

A park lying idylically on the island of Nordkoster. An island in front of the doors of Strömstadt. This environment has such beautiful nature reserves. Please protect her when you visit her.

Park Objects
Idyllic barbecue area
Chess by the pond near the frogs
Children’s Playground
Trees decorated with lanterns
Chillout zones at the traditional bank in Sweden Style

Size: 40×30
Cost: 24 808

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Fra den 6. marts kan FINAL FANTASY XV Windows Edition– spillere låse op for lidt lækker The Sims-stil i deres spil med en unik avatar med The Sims-tema. Denne avatar er iklædt plumbob og det berømte lama-kostume fra The Sims 4 og vil være tilgængelig i de otte uger efter spillets officielle udgivelse.

Sims 4-spillerne modtager også nyt indhold: Efter udgivelsen af Final Fantasy XV tilføjer galleriet et outfit af Noctis Lucis Caelum *Noctis Lucis Caelum*, der er den seje hovedperson og kronprins i Final Fantasy XV, til Galleriet i The Sims 4 efter udgivelsen. Her kan The Sims 4-spillerne downloade kostumet til en etableret garderobe i spillet og måske fortælle deres helt egen version af eventyret med det – valget er dit!

Så alle kan downloade dette outfit gratis.

The Sims 4 Patch Notes: Update: 2/6/2018

Happy 18th Anniversary Simmers!

18 years? We’re all adulty and mature now. Wonder if our grey is showing yet? If it is, I’m going back in to Create-a-Sim for some edits.

In the meantime, however, let’s raise our juice in a toast to you, the fans! Thank you for being here with us for these 18 years… and if you were here from the start, I’m sorry for the mass amount of death by kitchen fire! But hopefully you’ve learned it’s better to make garden salads for a couple hours before trying to make mac n’ cheese (shakes fist at that demon-firestarter mac n’ cheese).

The Sims fejrer deres 18 års jubilæum

What’s New?

A new female hair (yes, your males can wear the hair too). The Create-a-Sim artists went all out on this one, I’m loving it! (for specifics, the asset name is yf and ymHair_EF10MedCurl).

A new Anniversary T-shirt for men and women! You can find it in Create-a-Sim under… T-shirts.

And 10 new skin tones along the cool and warm undertones to broaden the range of Sim possibilities.

we’ve fixed a handful of issues.